Sumiran for God- Realisation


There are many kinds of Sadhana to realise God. The question is which is the simplest and most suitable for the average man. Many have realised God by repeating the name of the Lord. Guru gives the Name at the time of initiation. Lord Shiva has achieved immortality by repeating the holy name of the Lord. Savage Balmiki has become Brahma-like by repeating the holy name.Power of holy name is beyond description. In Ramayan, saint Tulsi Das has said that holy name of the Lord is more powerful than the Lord Himself.In Gita Lord Krishna has said that amongest all the Yagyas, Jap Yagya is the greatest.

The Name of the Lord has the capacity to reveal the daity. As the practice progresses, the mind becomes subtler and subtler.Ultimately the mind ceases and merges in the Transcendental. In this method of meditation, one sits down, closes the eyes, maintains easy and comfortable posture, and without moving the lips or tongue repeats the name given by the Guru. As the process progresses, the breathing becomes calm and even.Mind becomes quiescent When the mind becomes quiescent, God speaks. If we listen to the inner voice, we find solutions to all our problems and frustrations.

By constant repitition  of the Nam one can conquer lust and passion.To face the ups and downs which is natural in human life, there is no remedy better than ceaseless remembrance of God .Saints of Nirgun School right from Kabir have praised the power of sumiran. Gandhijee was a great proponent of Nam- Bhakti.

Sant Dariya has described the importance of Nam- Bhakti in the following verses:

"Nam pratap yug yug chali aaye, sakal sant gun mahima gaye"
jyo tarani jal jat taraee,              Nam   sumiru jal bohit payee"

Dariya Sahib in the above verses says that the importance of Nam is being recognised from aeons.Saints have praised its glory.  Boat floats on the water and whosoever has to cross a river rides a boat. To sail through the ocean of life which is so difficult, one needs a boat of sumiran to cross the ocean of life. God is formless and very few get an opportunity to see him in form ( body) (Sagun rup birla jan pave).The holy name of the Lord which is nirgun (beyond attributes)   easily leads to the realisation of the Lord.According to Sant Dariya,aksharNam (alphabatical name) leads to nihakshar ( Lord who is beyond kshar and akshar).Here ksar and akshar denote perishable and non-perishable and the Lord is beyond these dualities, whom Dariya Sahib calls nihakshar .

Nam is a great medicine to cure  all kinds of ills in this samsar. Sumiran of the holy name subdues the mind and leads to concentration.Mind at ease and peace cures many of physical and mental deseases. It improves the immune system.

To sum up,the benefits of sumiran is immense for this life and life beyond.Those who develop interest in sumiran are really fortunate and making a good use of their human birth.